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Weld Company activity 2017

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Weld Company 2017: Caroline Byström, Robin Dingemans, Sybrig Dokter, Marie Fahlin, Noah Hellwig, Elias Girod, Disa Krosness,Robert Malmborg, Sandra Lolax, Per Sacklén, Hanna Strandberg, Andrea Svensson and Anna Westberg.

In the fall of 2017 Weld Company worked with choreographers Matthias Sperling, Georgia Vardarou and Andros Zins Browne. The company also showed the choreography Phoenix by Rebecka Stillman during six evenings in October.

The project Weld Company Extended started and invited dancers Elise Nuding, Ursula Nill, Emma Strandsäter, Max Wallmeier och Johan Hillgren for a three week process together with Rebecka Stillman, Litó Walkey, Sybrig Dokter and Robin Dingemans with open public days for sharing the work.

Weld Company also released the third issue of the book “No Talking No Props” with contributions from the company and invited guests. Contact weld,se to get your copy!

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