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Weld Company 2014

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We are excited to welcome you to a new season with the work of Weld Company!

Weld Company 2014 is currently in process with Rebecka Stillman, with performances November 5-7. The following week,  there is an encounter between WC 2013 and WC 2014 with evening performances Nov 13+14. Legendary choreopgrapher Margareta Åsberg is working with the Company for one week, which will be shared in an open evening Nov 21.
The Company will work on their own project until Dec 2, when Julian Weber (DE), the last choreographer of the season, is starting his process with performances Dec 17-19.

Dates to look out for  in November are:  5-7, 13-14, 21 and Dec 17-19 but more evenings will be announced! For full detailed program and for tickets go to

Members of Weld Company 2014: Anna Westberg, Elias Girod (FI), Per Sacklén, Caroline Byström, Pavle Heidler (HR) och Josefine Larson Olin.
Costume by: Erik Annerborn
Light: Ronald Hessman

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